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Final Fantasy Monsters: Imp


A skinny, purple-skinned demon with two bat-like wings. It packs a magical punch, often casting elemental magic of varying power.

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FF2 NES in-game FF2 PSX in-game FF2
-Pit Fiend
FF4 in-game FF4
-Fiend (NA) / Baby Devil (JP)
-Gremlin (NA) / Little Devil (JP)
FF5 in-game FF5
-Harpy (NA) / Garkimasera (JP)
-Red Harpy
Imp bears no relation to the general imps, and in this case is a palette swap of the Hedgehog Pie monsters.
FF8 in-game FF8
-Imp (NA) / Garkimasera (JP)
FF10 in-game FF10
-Vidatu (NA) / Vizaresha (JP)
-Elder Zurvan
FF11 in-game FF11
FF11 in-game FF12
-Pit Fiend
-Diabolos (mark)

CP: Being a creature known for its lusterless yellow body and full, rounded wings. It is given to waving its long tail like a Rozarrian dancer might wave her sixth veil, this to maintain balance as it flies. The name of the imp derives from an ancient word "impet," meaning the "child broken from the devil," and befitting their name, they delight in mischief and small acts of evil.