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This game chronicles the adventures of Dark Knight Cecil and his many friends and enemies, as he changes his mind, his body, and his heart in a fight against the evil Golbez and Zemus, with more plot twists than a Belgian pretzel. Returning to FF1's fixed-class system, it introduces Active Time Battle and a five-character party.


  • Final Fantasy IV (SNES - 07/19/1991 JP)
  • Final Fantasy IV EasyType (AKA Final Fantasy II in NA) (SNES - 10/29/1991 JP, 10/19/1991 NA)
  • Final Fantasy IV (PSX - 03/27/1997 JP)
  • Final Fantasy Collection (PSX - 03/11/1999 JP)
  • Final Fantasy Chronicles (PSX - 06/29/2001 NA)
  • Final Fantasy Anthology Europe Edition (PSX - 05/17/2002 EU)
  • Final Fantasy IV (WSC - 03/27/2002 JP)
  • Final Fantasy IV Advance (GBA - 12/15/2004 JP, 12/12/2005 NA, 2006-02-06 EU)

FF4 has a dyanamic and convoluted release history. The first release in Japan was called Final Fantasy IV (today, we often call it FF4 HardType). When Square was considering importing it to America, it was deemed too difficult for the younger audience, so they made an easier version. This was called Final Fantasy IV EasyType in Japan and Final Fantasy II in North America (since FF2 and FF3 were not released in NA, this kept consistency in the American line of games). Not only were there a myriad of differences between HardType and EasyType, there were differences between FF4 EasyType and FF2 (NA). These differences were not removed completely from the code though, and could be "unlocked" during play using Game Genie codes. Later, FF4 was included in various compilation discs. FF Collection included FF4, FF5, and FF6. It was included in the European release of FF Anthology (FF4 and FF5), but not the American release (FF5 and FF6). FF4 was later included in FF Chronicles (FF4 and Chrono Trigger), only released in America. Much much later, a Gameboy Advance version was released, including a bonus dungeon and the ability to mix and match your party at the end of the game.

  • Differences between versions

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