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Originally planned to be a "Final Fantasy Gaiden" or side story, this game eventually grew to be a full-fledged FF game. However, references to earlier games from the series abound, from the return to a fantasy setting, to the deformed character style, to numerous "easter eggs" in and around the game. The new Ability and Trance systems add challenge and excitement to the reincarnated four-person battle parties.


  • Final Fantasy IX (PSX - 07/07/2000 JP, 11/13/2000 NA, 02/16/2001 EU)

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Full Story


Minor Characters


Crossovers to other FF games

Game Help:

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    Game Script:

    FFIX Game Script by Shotgunnova


    Final Fantasy IX: Original Soundtrack (2000)

    Final Fantasy IX: Melodies of Life (2000)

    Final Fantasy IX: Original Soundtrack Plus (2000)

    Final Fantasy IX: Uematsu's Best Selection (2000)

    Final Fantasy IX Piano Collections (2001)