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Could be called "FF Lite". More of a kiddie version of the RPG series, the battle parties are maxed out at two (one hero and one open position), equipment is automatically equipped, and items are reduced to "MP healing", "HP healing", and "reviving". The game takes around 10 hours to finish, but is a bit more exciting than usual due to the higher emphasis on action.


  • Final Fantasy Mystic Quest (AKA Final Fantasy USA: Mystic Quest in JP, Mystic Quest Legend in EU) (SNES - 09/10/1993 JP, 10/05/1992 NA, 1993 EU)

FF Mystic Quest was originally made and released in North America - intended to be an easy version of the RPGs for fear that Americans were averse to playing hard games (much like Super Mario Bros. 2). It was later released in Japan and Europe. The Game Boy game that was released in Japan as Seiken Densetsu and America as Final Fantasy Adventure, was released in Europe as Mystic Quest. None of these games have any relation to Final Fantasy or this Mystic Quest game.