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Final Fantasy Radio
The Role-Playing Jew

When Marche and his two friends read a mysterious book, they turn their world into a video game world, populated by humans, moogles, viera, nu mou, and bangaa. Can Marche find his way back home, and does he even want to? The first strictly handheld Final Fantasy game continues the strategy-RPG format of the first FF Tactics to find out.


  • Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (GBA - 02/14/2003 JP, 09/08/2003 NA, 10/24/2003 EU)

The American version had additional "Recommended Laws" feature not present in the Japanese version, which gave Judge Points to units that executed specific actions in battle.

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World of Ivalice

Game Help:

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    Game Script:

    FFTA Game Script (incomplete) by Draco Letty


    White Flower (2002)

    Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Original Soundtrack (2003)

    White Melodies of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (2003)

    Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Radio Edition vol.1 (2003)

    Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Radio Edition vol.2 (2003)

    Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Radio Edition vol.3 (2003)

    Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Radio Edition vol.4 (2003)